The wonderful people that DONATE their time to help me.
Age - 17
Hi, I'm Kevin, my friends call me Dave. Not really. Anyway, I love symphonic metal (Nightwish, Epica), suspense novels (Adam, Boneman's Daughter [Ted Dekker]), fantasy novels (Bartimaeus Trilogy [Jonathan Stroud], Harry Potter [Rowling], Eragon/Inheritance Series [Christopher Paolini], ALL things  Star Wars, etc). I'm fairly easy to get along with, but I am firm. I will preserve the integrity of this community, using whatever methods I need to in order to do so. I'm also very (very, very, very) sarcastic, so watch out. ;)

Age - 23
The most significant thing that's happened in my life was when I was 5 years old. I was riding a horse for the first time...and the last thing I remember was being on the horse by myself in the middle of the field. I woke up in the hospital. What I understand from those who saw it is that the horse bucked me off and then stepped on my face as she took off, completely tearing my chin and the lower half of my jaw from the rest of my face. The doctors told my parents I wouldn't live through the surgery - they didn't know how much blood I had lost, if I had brain damage, or if they could even reattach my jaw normally. I was in the hospital just 10 days & have never had a surgery since. I have a thin scar leading from my bottom lip to underneath my the shape of a horseshoe. It is a complete miracle that I'm alive, and that I didn't suffer any permanent damage.
I know that God saved me that day, and that He had big plans for me. This past year, He spoke to me about helping others...which is how I met Kevin, and why I'm involved with this site. I might not always have firsthand experience with certain issues...but I have the love of God in me and an ear to listen to anyone who needs to talk.
I love horses (yes, still!), playing the drums, movies (Star Wars!), reading, and Skillet (the rock band, not the frying pan). If you want to know more, just ask. :)
Psalm 18:16-19